life hot shop

Laputou conveys the brand spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and daring to challenge through "spicy".


Design integration
investment equity
investment promotion

Brand Concept

"Life Spicy Shop" adheres to the spirit that real sugar is not afraid of fire. The essence comes from the sauce. In addition to carefully selecting the ingredients, even the cooking of the sauce is not careless. Constant research and development, adjustment of the ratio, just for Give you a better taste.
Adhere to the use of fresh local ingredients, use refined sugar to stir-fry, add a special sauce and 13 kinds of carefully selected Chinese herbal medicines, let the lo-mei still have a rich taste such as Chinese medicine and burnt aroma after standing and cooling

Project Effectiveness

Gangwan carried out the integration and consolidation of the brand image, and made project planning for Laputou, put it on the Gee Tut platform for crowdfunding, and reached the target in just one and a half months! At this stage, it is the integration and promotion of chain franchise planning. At present, there are four franchise stores, and they are continuing to expand.

Future Plan

Continue to promote the franchise plan, integrate financial statements, strengthen staff training and save labor costs.

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